Monday, December 20, 2010

The Mediocrity Codex: Volume I, Issue 2
Section I: fly in a bottle

why do we use the soft e in the word preposition? totally confusing.

I'm tired of internet jargon. TIRED of it. There's enough jargon as it is due to academic disciplines and technological advances, but internet jargon isn't like that. No one really "gets better" at the internet. Ok, ok, i know you're saying, "yes, yes they do. And the people that don't are internet noobs." Things like search engines and blogging and keeping up with the right blogs and believing the right bloggers and not getting your computer infected with spyware/malware/viruses. Ok, sure. but none of those things require phrases like "OMG, Do want!" or "it's over 9000!" and god forbid "tl;dr" (which stands for "too long; didn't read"). If there's an abbreviation to preface a summary of a post by a complete stranger because such a preface has found the need to be used SO OFTEN, why don't people just refrain from making long-winded comments in the first place? wouldn't SO MUCH of this jargon and wasted text space be saved if those people who decided to write just wrote more succinctly?

tl;dr get to the point.