Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TMC Volume 2, Issue 2
Section II: BCG and Humble Pie

 Work, work. The daily drudgery of work is allayed (for me at least) by the knowledge of either a paycheck or a day of sleeping in. And after working for a year in the same job (unprecedented), I’ve become familiar enough with most of my tasks that not much brainpower is required to complete them, leaving me with an abundant amount of time (sometimes).

I used to fill the time with video games and Netflix (yes, I am a rather inappropriate grunt, I’m aware), without any detriment to my handiwork. Once in awhile though…
Poor bands.
Which leads me to my current state: Accountability. Aside from a number of psychological forerunners (read: excuses) that I could call on to account for my disdain for accountability, the sad fact is that I’m terribly unreliable. And not as a simple fluke or because I “do too much” or “overfill my plate”. Simply because it’s currently a part of my character. I am a person of great unreliableness, a person who consistently fails to be consistent for any consistent period of time. Even this blog is a testament to my inability to stick to a schedule, whether extrinsically or intrinsically motivated to do so.

This is what gets me in to trouble at work. And, If I’m honest (and the lord knows I am! He’s given me an irreverently incomprehensible desire to be honest to sit beside my inability to keep promises! How ironic), it’s what gets me into trouble in practically every other situation. And it’s so hard to fix. So hard. Like the age-old adage, “You gotta spend money to make money”. And lo, my currency of accountability is pitifully low.

Fortunately, and I’m sure any artist/producer/businessman knows and knows well, most of the money one spends in efforts to make more money is never actually one’s own money. In order to circumvent this problem of “spend money – make money – got no money” the only real solution is to borrow. Borrow until you’ve got enough, make a hefty ROI to pay back your debts, and at the end of the day hope you have enough left over to keep on keepin’ on.  The basis of every problem solution is some variant of this.

This is a problem. SOLVE IT
On a tangentially related note, a seminar I attended today was thankfully one with a purpose. Scientists so often and so easily end up pursuing goals with such nebulous goals in mind (not in my lab of course, NOT IN MY LAB!) that it’s nice to hear something concrete every once in awhile. And relevant, to boot. I’ve said this before, but I don’t have a particularly keen interest in my PI’s particular brand of research (Keloids and scar formation), largely because it seems insular. Keloids. Specifically keloids. This seminar on the other hand dealt with “Novel Strategies to Develop Vaccines for Intracellular Pathogens” which, once you know what it is (which I may explain at another time), you’ll discover (I think) that it is much more relevant than just…keloids. It’s also always interesting to see how similar the whole process of problem solving is despite the increasing complexity of the given problems. It gives me…hope.

In the meantime however, borrow.