Tuesday, March 15, 2011

forget the format, I'm going in deep

We treat women like rice because they stick to all our meat
We like cars and PCs because they use electricity
We can't write no papers or poems or autographs
But we supplement our words with abnormally accurate pie graphs

What, what, what you gonna say now
Chinese, Japanese, ain't the same anyhow
we can't always be seen, but we rock in every scene
even though we take our time we still can find
the best ways to succeed

Like copying ipods, iphones, ipads and what
and dropping phat beats that have already been cut
by the blacks and the mexicans but man who gives a damn
because when you hear it in the club it's like, man oh man
Then on the TV it's like, Ken Jeong beeeotch!

Quakes don't stop us, the shakes don't stop us,
We drive fast cars because no brakes can stop us
CNN even said it, tsunami's gonna regret it
even with 10,000 lost, we still don't let it
let it break us down, we got 1 billion plus and an army on the way
still don't mean we forget about those who passed away, no

We perpetuate tradition like the Lunar C
We cook our own food, so we don't lai see
and though we didn't wanna fight, so we didn't win the war
but we still livin' the good life, and now you know the score

Asians. Beotch.

peace out