Friday, June 3, 2011

BAM! SEVEN-MINUTE RAGE Gameplay trailer!

Check it

The Good:
  • Animations! - Fluid death and combat animations. AMAZING topography traversal animations. Realistic environment interaction.
  • Alternate Weapon Ammunition - Different ammo types for each gun (up to four at a given time it appears). Variety is good!
  • Lighting/Ambient Occlusion/Looky Looky - Everything looks...amazing. Colors may be a bit bland now, but the soft shadowing and overall look of the game is...verisimilitudinous. I could get lost in this game.
  • Open-World sensibilities - dialogue with NPCs, minimal loading screens, and organic mission structures. I want to get lost in this game. So bad.
  • LOTS of enemies - whats the point in having guns if there's no one to use them on?
  • Arcade-style shooting - seems like an excellent balance between point-n-shoot and aim-n-shoot. 
  • IMPACT! - guns look and sound heavy. I love games that give substantial (but gun-specific) weight to their weapons. Things that should have a kick, have a goddamn kick.
 The Bad:
  • Limited loadout - 4 weapons at any given time? Come Quake we had 9, in doom we had 10. why are games giving us fewer weapons the farther we get along?
  • The Voices - Serviceable. I suppose it's no RPG, but with Bethesda backing the project you'd think they'd bring in different talent. Wait, with Bethesda backing, you'd think they'd bring in the same talent. Oh well.
  • Quests - okay, I spose I understand the need for missions for progression. I just don't like these things getting in the way of my blowing the crap out of dudes.
  • Enemy variants - naked guy with leather strap. naked guy with spike collar and leather strap. chubby naked guy with throwing knife and eyepatch. are we seeing a pattern?
  • too many animations? - death animations look a bit...delayed. perhaps the emphasis on realism is trumping...believability.
  • Consolization - the UI is no doubt geared towards button-pushers. 4 weapons, 4 ammo types. limited options. regenerating health. hopefully there's an option to change that last one and add health pack pickups every once in awhile.
The Ugly
  • Are you crazy? are you WATCHING the same video? crazy. this game looks amazing.
  • I may buy this game day 1 and do a review and then give a copy out. and then not do anything for the next 2 months while i play this game and totally forget about the blog because i'm too busy punching the faces of these nameless naked guys in spiked leather straps.
  • I am so excited about this game.
Now I'm going to sit here and wait for the comments to blow up.