Monday, July 11, 2011

Indie Cred: Momodora 2

Title: Momodora 2
Developer: Rdein
Release: get it here

 Brown-haired maiden, slice
 and leaves do cradle your jump
 maple leaf, so sharp


So I’m going on a bit of a metroidvania binge here, but I think it’s been trending lately, so it may not be entirely my fault. In addition to last week’s Celestial Mechanica, I now present to you Rdein’s Momodora 2: an anime-styled cutesy platform explorer about a girl with the sharpest maple leaf in the world and a deadly reputation for getting things done.
What if I'M the Underworld Queen?? Spoiler: you are not the Underworld Queen.
 Clearly inspired by the Metroid series, our heroine’s forgone reputation is that of a jack-of-all-getting-things-done, who contently goes about her way dispatching apparitions (a fact which in itself is dubious; ghosting ghosts is a rather ghastly business, if only metaphysically so) and praying to sacred sculptures. Personally, I enjoyed the instant piety I’m allowed to grant any moment in the game, simply by pressing the down key. True worship is of course only in spirit and in truth.
Cat! You are ruining my devotions! Stop! Also, I can't sleep with you around
 The exploration aspect of Momodora is artfully aided by another Metroid-inspired map overlay, which I found myself using rather often. Combat is enjoyable, if only because of the responsiveness of the controls. It’s a bit fortuitous that I mentioned salmon-swinging in my last review, because it’s kind of what it looks like here, except it’s surprisingly satisfying in this case. Where did that stupid game go so wrong?
Wow. What a frickin' rip. Still awesome, though
 The real star is the art though, which is set like so much of castlevania’s clearly impossible aesthetic combinations (water next to carpeted floors beneath wooden towers flanked by cavernous arches all built upon an elaborate network of dirt caves). Despite the rather unsaturated color palette, it still manages to charm the eyes into a starry stupor. And, thinking about it now, probably serves to help distinguish the pixeled sprites from the background. Good job, Rdein.
Such intensity! Such speed! Such flatulence!
 It’s a bit short (though that’s an issue with all indie games), but it is completely obligation-free. In fact, the website which you acquire it from also has no form of transactionary emblemization or intent-to-accost-for-cash. For what little time it will ask of you, it will be enjoyable and nostalgic. As for me, I’m waiting for some sweet hi-rez pixel art so I can get a new background for my blog.
Kung-fu is NEVER ineffective! Curse your bigotry Rdein!
This guy has serious bowel issues.