Monday, July 18, 2011

Indie Cred:The Pegs and TIGs all Jammed together

If you haven't played this game yet, you are actually dead.
I'll be honest, this feature is quickly becoming my favorite. Everytime I wade out to the deep waters of the webternet, I come back with more and more awesomely ridiculous things that I want people to know about and experience. Things like this. And this. And this. And this!

But of course, I don't have the time and space to just talk about everything I come across. It'd be too cumbersome and ridiculous and presumptuous of me to take up that much of your time! That and I can't trust any of you to pick the good games and then force me to play them just to see what I'll say. I'M SO SELFISH

That's why you come here, anyway, right? No. You come for the games! So here we go!

Spelunky - Derek Yu - (2008)

So I know that this is an old game, and it's very possible that many of you have already played it, but it recently was highlighted by the VGMM (Vidjya Gaem Media Monster) due to a newly-minted Mac release. I hadn't played it before, so shoot me. It's a fabulously addictive platformer with wacky fun pixel art, engrossing animation, and furiously difficult gameplay. Masochists and Sadists alike will appreciate the results. Totally free, too! Get it HERE.
Tropes make everything cooler
Ooh you sneaky bastard
You will see this screen a lot. The numbers will vary.

Dig N Rig - Syntactic Sugar - (Note: Updated! Bugfixes!)
Do not resist. You probably won't even read this because you're so busy playing it already
I have a soft spot in my brain due to being extremely reckless as a youth and having a penchant for head-banging. I also have a soft spot in my heart for digging games due to X-Gen studios flash game Motherload (which I've mentioned before). So basically, anything that has the word "Dig" or "Mine" or "robot mining digger machine" or anything with a likeness to any of the above immediately burrows into my heart and sends the acetylcholine directly to my brain resulting in uncontrollable clicking spasms until I retrieve said robot mining digger machine-containing object. And so, Dig-N-Rig.
Somebody set us up the...ah whatever
Die, bird

Also, totally free as well! get it HERE

Kerbal Space Program - SQUAD -
Dear Intrepid travelers of Earth, you look so cute!
Space: the only place safe enough for people so we don't have to send monkeys there first. I know that's what you've been thinking all along, so I'm glad to present you with a game that challenges that sad misconception. Space may be safe, but getting there is the most dangerous endeavor man has ever attempted. If you don't believe me, This game will convince you otherwise.
It LOOKS space-worthy. But is it air-worthy? This is important because space is composed of no air. Wait, what?
That's some good quality control
ICBM Approaching! Oh, nope. More like a InterMANtinental Ballistic Man Pod
It's also in dire need of funding, which is sad because I would LOVE to see this game come to fruition. To that end, I have actually donated a few of the spacebucks, but otherwise this game is obligation-free. get it HERE.

Breath of Death VII/Cthulhu Saves the World - Zeboyd Games -
Another thing about independent development that really warms me up inside is their audacity. Their vigor! I love the way they just buck trends and spend all their time and money doing things that the market didn't predict or deems irrelevant. YEAH! EFF YOU MARKET MAN. Sorry.
Zeboyd released these titles back on XBLIG awhile back, but there here in their proper home now, complete with all the wit and wizz-dom that they had on their console sojourn. And I'm so glad they're back home. So glad. Would you like some cookies and warm milk, dear? Yes, settle in. Okay now get in the bedroom and we'll have a good time all night long.
HOW. DARE. YOU. You tickled my nostalgia bone *snrk*
Here's some damage points for you, and you, and you, and you, and YOU!
But moooom, everybody's doing it
Sadly, these titles aren't free. But they are super cheap. Fivebucks coffee or classic RPG gameplay? Don't even kid, kid. Get it here!

and the rest...

Oh man, there are just so many things I haven't even gotten to yet. I meant to mention the Dungeon-crawling roguelike revival Dungeons of Dredmor, the fan-fueled, love-inspired tribute to Super Metroid -Confrontation-, and the classic art and style of indie renaissance man Joakim Sandberg, creator of Noitu Love 1&2, Legend of Princess, and the Iconoclasts. And how could I forget the wonderful Paul Hubans, creator of The Indie Game Legend!

What's more, this past weekend was the 5th annual The Independent Games Jam UK (#TIGJamUK5 on twitter), and some pretty awesome ideas came out of that, too! Ted Martens (one of the devs who attended PegJam) posted some pictures and a short blurb on his blog. Check it out!

Try and get some sleep tonight, okay folks?

HA. Who am I kidding. I'll see you guys on steam.