Tuesday, July 12, 2011

super.hype: the day PopCap stood still

Things are getting seriously shaken up amongst gamesjournos today. EA made the announcement of their acquisition of the Pachinko-cloning, Columns-riffing, Tetris-copying, puzzle-game-peddling PopCap Games public today. Price: 750 million notes of US gold claimancy. Impressive.

Let's hope the charm isn't eaten like a delicious, cold brain platter.

In other news, nothing. This single news item has apparently trumped all other games industry news. Either that or I am a complete liar and I feel that this move may be so monumental that I will lie to you just to impress upon you the importance of an event like this. I would never do that.

Knowing full well of your intentions
to ask the amply-endowed Dolly
to prom, your best friend decides to cock-block
you by asking her to a surprise romantic dinner date. 
You grab the keys to your turbocharged
V8 super.hype to intercept them... 

Well, this is just...darling - They Bleed Pixels

This may be the one time you hear me say this: I'm so jealous of X360 owners right now. That is, until the inevitable announcement for the PC version of this game arrives after tens of thousands of jealous PC users clamor for it. And they sure as hell better. Here's a trailer. With more info at the link:

And then there was Batman - Arkham City

Jeez. I just can't seem to stay away from the dark games today. I was honestly about to just skip this week's super.hype due to the lack of actual game teasers and previews coming out, and then I came across this and nearly smacked myself upside the head. How could I not highlight this? Arkham Asylum was a fun game, if a bit self-important at times. Arkham City will probably continue in that tradition, which is fine with me as long as they maintain the fun and don't stray too far into the gritty, shadowy, darky navel-gazery. 
 By: Rocksteady Games -Rating- Still refuses to kill people.

 Your best friend's night ended...smashingly.
Your expertly timed PIT maneuver also left the 
bosom-blossom Dolly unscathed, according
to plan.
Let's pour one out for the homies,