Tuesday, July 5, 2011

super.hype: jumping through hoops for little to no reward

It's another super.hype! On a more serious note, this particular feature is getting rather tedious. I hate the format and it's a really unnatural way of talking about upcoming releases. So I'm scrapping it for some other way that I feel more comfortable with which is basically posting about whatever happens to catch my eye and writing about it rather whimsically while interspersing it with glorious pictures. Yay!

I like the name, though, so I'm keeping that. Also, I like being able to anthropormophize and/or objectivize it and use it in punny ways. I love puns!

The neighbor's weimaraner  left another
huge steaming pile on your impeccably kept lawn.
You calmly rifle through your storage crate
and retrieve your trusty super.hype...

So...Running with Rifles
One from the many cool things that separates the PC Gaming scene from its console counterpart is the ease with which you can get in on the development process. It's true even for huge games (like how the community subverted Valve's Portal 2), and even truer for indie games.

This particular game is rife with that very opportunity. Discussions are going on as we speak (or read! or whatever!) as to what should be included in the game at every level: assets, gameplay modes, weapons, mechanics, end game objectives, etc. Everything is open to suggestion! Of course, that's not the reason why I like it. I like it because it's got class. Unpolished, rough-edged, murky-swampish class, but class nonetheless.

By: Modulaatio Games. Rating: - Has Potential -

And now...Planetside 2!

If you never played Planetside the first, that's unfortunate (but not shameful, contrary to what many may say). It was a rather interesting, rather unsettling, rather large, and ultimately rather risky hybrid game during a time when hybrid games were more of an empty marketing promise than a reality. Despite it's riskyness, it actually was a competent, possibly fun, mostly impenetrable and frustrating game to play. And yet even to this day we have no game comparable to its scope, its design, and its execution in combining the ever-disparate mechanics of FPS/TPS and MMORPG games.
 A proper sequel aims to fix that. I really hope it does.
Also, I hate contentless countdown thingys. Dumb!
By: Sony Online Entertainment. Rating: - Don't Fuck it Up, Sony

The accursed canine is dead. Your lawn, avenged.
Rest easy now dear, sweet super.hype,
until you are needed once again.