Monday, August 1, 2011

Indie Cred: Outsourced!

Hey everybody.

I was a bit afraid about posting today because I was intending to have something prepared (like, PREPARED) and something interesting and insightful, but I wasn't able to get it completely ready for today. So then I was thinking:


Then I got into work today and made a Polayacrylamide gel and calmed down a bit. Then I started my forum-crawling routine and ran across this:

It was released back in January, and it's already made the rounds (but I totally missed it). I know that generally Indie and AAA don't mix, but it's crazy to think that these things don't influence each other. I mean, like, most Indie devs influences are the games they grew up with, which were undoubtedly created by pretty big studios anyway! The contradiction has been eradicated. Yes!

Among other things...

I know everyone knows (who knows about anything that is worth knowing about) that there are far better resources than my once-weekly feature for finding quality Indie titles. Why do I do it then? Why suffer the forum-crawling and the tireless clicking and reading and interacting when I could just link to other, better sites who've done higher quality work then I have? Oh, well, I don't know.

Okay then.

Some other great resources for finding new (constantly new, mind you) indie game releases are not only the aforementioned Pixel Prospector, but also TIGSource, the Indie Games Blog, and, occasionally, RockPaperShotgun. These are the resources I've been using thus far, and it's been rather fun and interesting! Maybe I'll see you guys on the forums :)

As for the games I've been playing recently, I was turned on to a demo of this game by the Ludological Guru Ian Bogost. Follow him on twitter for equal amounts incomprehensible inside jokes and insightful game theory commentary.

Happy Monday!