Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So Totally Out of It

Man, I feel like I've been sucked into a time vortex.

You know how there are those days that just swoop by so quickly that you don't realize that time is passing by and before you know it you've been wearing the same clothes for the past week and you don't seem to know anything anymore? I just read the Steam news stream. READ it. PERUSED it. And came away informed. INFORMED!

Normally I pride myself on being at the forefront of updates, both great and insignificant, but this past week I find myself knowing absolutely nothing. Sengoku came out? Darksiders was on sale? Indie Game releases on Steam left and right? Paradox making a huge publishing push? I'm so out of it.

So, dear readers, catch me up! What have I missed? I feel like I've come back from a forced vacation from a job I love and all my coworkers have found new friends and started new projects while I was gone. I want the news, man. I want to dive back into the slow roll of the waves and the interminable jumble of information and projects that are rolling down that magnificent pipeline. Twitter's been good to me, but it's a mere pinky in the foam of the rushing river compared to what I used to have. Catch me up.

As for what I have been doing and what's been keeping me from all this, well, that's a story that will soon be told. I'm pretty sure it won't disappoint.


Thanks all!

and by the by...

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